What time does it start?

Doors open for early bird at 9am on each day, 11am for standard entry and close at 6pm. Queuing priority is for prebook, sales will be taken once a reasonable amount of prebook have entered the venue.

How do I get to the venue?

We have provided a guide on how to get to KingCon here www.kingcon.co.uk/travel/ there’s a few different travel options. Please note there will be no Park and Ride operating as it does on Match days.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

No you don’t! Save that tree! Bring it on your phone, this is absolutely fine.

What happens if I haven’t received my ticket / I lost my ticket help?

Don’t panic, you will need to attend with some ID, or something with your name on, and head to the help desk clearly marked at the entrance.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

Tickets are non refundable, unless at the discression of the event management team.

Something I wanted to see has been cancelled can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, tickets are non refundable. Although we try our very best to make sure all features of the event turn up, there are circumstances which may prevent this from happening. If an attraction is cancelled, we try our very best to make sure there is as little disruption made to the rest of the event as possible.

Can tickets be scanned twice?

Once your QR code has been scanned, you are in the event. If your QR code has been scanned previously, you will not be permitted access to the event. If you have sufficient ID to identify yourself as the ticket holder and there is reason to believe the ticket may have been copied or forged, we will investigate immediately, with the littlest inconvenience to you as possible.

What happens when I arrive?

On arrival, when you meet our greeters at the gates to the Stadiums main glass entrance, you will present your QR code, either on your phone, or if you have it printed off, and will be awarded your wrist band. Wrist bands must be clearly worn at all times during the event, so we can identify you clearly. You will then enter the main event either by stairs of lift to the first floor, and proceed around the event based over 3 floors of the Stadium.

Why is it more expensive on the day?

We know it’s a steep increase and we wish we could make it the same cost everywhere but there’s a couple of reasons for this increase. Let’s do the boring stuff that you don’t need to worry about first, Pre sales mean we can budget the event, which means we can create a better event based on more confident sales around tickets. We invest as much ticket revenue as possible in making the event great for everyone! So incentivising people to book early is how we do this. Also costs for processing ticket sales on the day is significantly more. It requires more staff tied up who could otherwise be working other areas of the event, and increased queues while payments are processed. It also relies on additional transaction fees for us to process payments on the day by card, etc.

We have many ways you can purchase tickets, at Dark Matter Cafe, with no fee, on the phone by calling 0191 386 3851 with 50p per ticket fee, and online at www.kingcon.co.uk with the £1.50 fee. You don’t need to print out tickets either, you can just show them on your phone and help reduce waste.

Booking fees are annoying I know, but in order to make things easier for you we offer booking online and in various other places and make the cost clear. We don’t have to do this of course, we could charge everyone the same, but these costs would still be factored in, and then you wouldn’t have the options or incentives for purchasing from store or early. I hope you can see our side here, and join us.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at dan@kingcon.co.uk or by calling me in store at Dark Matter Cafe on 0191 3863851, I am rather busy organising the event so apologies if I am not around when you need me, but please note I will always get back to you as soon as I can. Look forward to you coming along and have an incredible time!