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07 October 2014

Introducing Norman Lovett at KingCon

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A change in the advertised bill for KingCon this evening, unfortunately Lister ran off with Konchanski (Craig Charles has other unexpected work commitments) and who better to help in an emergency than a computer with an IQ of more than 6000! Introducing Norman Lovett aka Holly! We are so pleased to announce arguably the reason Red Dwarf was so hilarious, thanks to the talent of Norman, and his natural comedic delivery. We are so excited to meet him, and we hope you are too.

Norman is £15 per autograph.


KingCon, Dark Matter Events, and Dark Matter cafe would like to issue a formal apology to all those hoping to meet Craig Charles on the day. Unfortunately due to other unforeseen work commitments, he is now unable to attend. We have asked his agency to issue an official apology. We know you are likely disheartened by this, it’s never great to change things, and for us on a first convention, it’s particularly frustrating that we should have to change things so close to the event, but this does not stray from the fact that KingCon will be a unique experience, and will offer the most amazing atmosphere, and buzz and you will all have an amazing time, and Norman is equally an amazing talent, and iconic character from a show which arguably changed british TV.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions please do get in touch by emailing us, or calling us.