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31 January 2016

KingCon 2015

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Dear KingCon attendees,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your attendance, your incredible presence on the day and your continued support. As a young convention we aim to grow steadily with your help and guidance to provide great entertainment and experience for all ages.

We would like to share with you a small matter relating to the future of KingCon, which currently is uncertain. A few members of the community are already aware of some correspondence which we received from one of the programmers at the Gala Theatre two days after the event. Although they recognise the event was a success and “no mean feat” they encourage us to look elsewhere for 2016. Their “initial thoughts” are the use of Freemans Quay leisure centre. Their reasoning behind the decision relies heavily on the venue itself as opposed to reflections on cost and other attributes. I would like to share with you a paragraph from the email:

“This is a cultural building with a holistic approach to programming. We are not convinced that you gained anything by being placed in a theatre.
Futhermore, the offer we make to our audiences should allow journeys through the variety of work. We do not think that the king con audience are people who then feed into other areas of the programme”

We do not agree with this statement. We know our audience attends the Gala frequently as is evident in our research. We know that holding KingCon in the Gala Theatre adds value to our event with its reputation, location, theatrical elements, cinema screens and certainly not forgetting the Gala team which supported us throughout. We chose the Gala for a number of reasons, mainly due to its cultural nature. Comic conventions and events alike are usually categorised as pop cultural events. We believe being apart of a geek culture means to be passionate about a subject, and not meaning to be socially inept.

We are passionate, passionate about our community! KingCon is not our convention, it is the community’s convention. A platform for like minded people to interact with one another and share an experience no matter what their passion is. Myself and Dan, along with the KingCon and Dark Matter Cafe team, work throughout the year to maintain a strong geek presence in Durham. KingCon and Dark Matter Cafe is our passion, our bread and butter, and our friends and family.

Anybody wishing to contact us can do so via inbox message, calling in to Dark Matter Cafe or email

The BBC article is available to view here

Live long and prosper

Lindsey and Dan
Organisers of KingCon


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