What’s on 2015


15 Reasons to come to KingCon 2015

1. Meet Jeremy Bulloch aka Boba Fett
2. Learn to be a Jedi with Jedi Coaching
3. Get up close and personal with Richard the Dinosaur
4. Have your Photo Taken with the DeLorean Time Machine
5. Learn how to create your own Video Game!
6. Take a stroll across 3 floors of geeky merchandise, down “traders alley”
7. Partake in the Comic Workshop
8. Cosplay! All hail the Cosplayers!
9. Cinema Screen Gaming!!!!!!!!
10. Immerse yourself in the theatre set dress
11. Meet game developers and explore new technology
12. Take Photos in our Photo Experience Area
13. Movie, TV and Game Soundtracks…. allllllll day!
14. Play new and classic board games and video games!
15. Learn to Play Trading Card Games such as Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic the Gathering and Weiss Schwartz
16!!!! – Crazy Creatures will be there with a selection of 10 snakes, and lizards for you to meet!
17!!!!!! We aren’t stopping there… We have more to come!

18????????? – Big expensive movie props from the Movie Prop Warehouse!

This is subject to change, however we are adding things to the event all the time! So keep up to date at our Facebook Page by clicking here